Pasqualina W.M


About Me.

Academic Writer, Editor & Proofreader

Hi there! I’m Pasqualina W.M.

I have been a full-time freelance writer since 2013 focusing and learning about research assignments, content marketing, and individualized and company projects. I am currently based in Australia, Sydney with my family.

Prior to freelancing, I was in content marketing and communication field at a Keep Left Melbourne media agency in Sydney where I engaged in editorial stories that resonate with audience. It was a task that called for long hours and improved my learning experience it dealing with diverse clients and effective report writing. These tasks helped prepare me for the next chapter of my career: freelancing writing.

When am not writing, I engage in reading novels and having fun with family and friends.

In a nutshell: I do research assignments, projects, marketing content and write book or journal reviews.

So, why should you work with me?

  • I am hardworking, dedicated, reliable, and fun to work with
  • Specializing in content and research writing over the past decade has allowed me to develop a robust knowledge base of the writing industry
  • I take my time with investigative data, customer research and other information that helps me to establish the most appropriate way to leverage my work.

Personal Information

  • Name Pasqualina W.M
  • Age 30 Years
  • Residence Sydney, Australia
  • Address 6 Goongoora Close,Sydney, 2750, Australia
  • Email
  • Phone (+1) 123 456 7890
  • Freelance Available


Academic writing services

I provide services for all academic papers including essays, research papers, dissertations or thesis, projects, report writing, term papers on various topics.

Content writing services

Content writing services include blog writing services for websites, web content writing, marketing material content, white papers, infographic content, social media content, product description

Proofreading and editing services

Copyediting-correct written texts by focusing on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, language use, and consistency. It also involves substantive editing, evaluation editing, content editing, line editing, formatting. Proofreading requires reading and reviewing documents to eliminate technical errors such as spelling, capitalization, and punctuation


I handle all types of examination papers, dashboards discussions, and student reviews or comments on other students’ assignments.




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